January 30, 2010

Victoria- The Place To Be

Snygg bild min kompis Eric tog till mig, va ? ;) Han är i Australien, i staten "Victoria". Där skulle man ju bo ^^
Iaf, idag blir det att köra ner till SLO (San Luis Obispo) där våra pojkar bor... :P Det är födelsedags fest som gäller, och temat är typ djungel-blablabla nånting... Dresskod: Grönt. Hm... Ska bli.. intressant? Haha.
Och btw- det va nästan så att ja gick bar-armt (är det ens ett ord? ) idag för det var så skönt i solen :)
Ha en trevlig helg folk !

Nice picture my friend Eric took for me, huh ? ;) He's in Australia, in the state of "Victoria". I should leave there, or what ^^
Anyways, I'll be driving down to SLO (San Luis Obispo) today, to the boyssss. Andy is having a b-day party ad it's like a swamp/jungle theme... Dress code: Green... Hm... It'll be ... interesting.. Haha.
And oh btw- I almost walked without a jacket today, cos it was so nice in the sun :)
Have a splendid weekend, folks !


betz said...

oh, that one's perfect for you victoria! hope there's a state named after me. a girl can dream. =)


fadetoblack said...

sounds like a fun party!
have a great time!

Audrey Allure said...

have fun! i love themed parties haha

Vicky Andersen said...

What an awesome license plate!!!
Hope your party attending is swell... sounds fun with a theme and dress code! (Very American :)
And hey... Weather wise... Not jealous one bit! We have a lovely -6 degrees C or so! YAY :P

Thanks for the updates :) LOVE LOVE LOVE! You know it :D I'll try and get back to you tomorrow! Fingers crossed.
Once again... Hope you're enjoying the party and being back in SLO again.

Winnie said...

I love that numberplate! I love it when friends see things like that then email you the pics. My friend did that when she was in New York and saw 'Winnie's restaurant' I love it!

Jealous that you almost got away without a jacket today, it is freezing here in the UK!! So frosty and icy!

Nina said...

Eric is so thoughtful and obviously a very good friend!

PS Come join the giveaway I'm hosting?!

heart charlie said...

Awesome photo!!! HAHA!! I love it, and I am so jealous of that warm weather ;)

Mo said...

aaa awesome !!! im in Paris and i saw the sun today !!! feels like it's been age since i saw it for real !!!

nonsenseofthetruth said...

oh so cool the weather is sunny there :) here it's freezzzzing! really stupid. I love the pic & omg so cool that there's a place called Victoria ^^. I wish there was a place called Laura, haha :D. have fun on that bday party! xoxo

michelle_ said...

hahhaha what a great picture for you :D
thanks so much for dropping by my blog and the lovely comments :D
hope you've had a great weekend..

C.Chico said...

aw,have a great time!!

Jack Daniel said...

You're so lucky it's always hot over there...

Lucky bastard.