January 27, 2010

Newport Beach, oh I loved you

Bilderna är från vackra Newport Beach dit vi också hann åka på våran LA-trip. Underbart som tusan var det där ! Ja, ni ser ju ! Underbart varmt väder (för varmt för jeans btw...) och helt underbar pier och strand ! Om jag vill tillbaks? Nej , inte alls ! **
Idag hämtade ja min värdmamma på flygplatsen, och så fick ja sluta tidigt på kvällen så ja drog och svettades på gymmet, sen vart det film med Desi; "Zack and Miri making a porno" med Seth Rogan. Rolig film faktiskt. Ja gillar Seth Rogan; hans humor är oftast (om inte jämt..) den samma typ- eller så, samma typ av humor, men han gör det på ett roligt sätt...
Btw, fyndade två låga converse i helgen... $9+$12 =150 spänn... Och värsta nya med. Jag är rätt nöjd med det ^^

The pictures are from beautiful Newport Beach, where we also went on our LA-trip. Absolutely amazing place ! Well, as you can see. Beautifully warm weather (too hot to wear jeans btw..) and a nice pier and beach ! If I want to go back? No, not at all ! **
Went to the airport today to pick up my hostmum, and then I got off quite early so I went and shed some sweat at the gym, then movie at Desi's place; "Zack and Miri making a porno" with Seth Rogan. Actually funny movie. I like Seth Rogan; well his humor is mostly (if not always..) the same typ of humor- but he does it in an actual funny way, so....
Oh btw, I totally bargained converse this weekend. Two pairs for $21. And they were like new too. I'd say I'm pretty happy with those purchases ^^


Audrey Allure said...

such a beautiful sky.

i presented you with an award on my blog :)

Julls said...

Loooooooooooooove :>:>
God,lucky converse girl :) !

betz said...

wow, $21! that's a steal! i just found your blog btw. i love it. =)


Vicky Andersen said...

Yes I know! That "Twitter" quote... Quite nice huh! (Not something of my own though... Haha)
Got cha on the bands... Nice :) Could have said so myself... I'm just suddenly wondering how things are with you and... Well yeah! You know...

I think I wanna see pics of these mentioned shoes! What color... (And brand new or...?)

Have a lovely lovely day friend! I hope that movie wasn't too disturbing... (Gotta admit I had to read the title twice... haha) Well as said... Good day to you :)