January 21, 2010

My Sore Is Throat. No wait, I mean; My Throat Is Sore

Sov inte mkt inatt, vred och vände på mig. Ont i halsen hade jag, och det har ja fortfarande. Skönt va att ja slutade rätt tidigt idag, så ja ska nu bara gå och lägga mig i sängen och kolla på film... Annars så har regnovädret fortsatt här. Vräker ner gör det ! Inge skojjj...
Ja, här bjuder jag på flera bilder från the photoshoot... Den sista är nog min favorit av alla.... tror ja....Peace.

Didn't sleep much last nite... Reason: Sore throat... which I still have, n it sux. I did get off early today, so thats nice, so the plan is to just hit bed and watch a movie.
Other than that, the rain storm in Cali is continuing. The rain is more than pouring down. No fun...
Figured I could share more of the pix from the photoshoot in dec...I'd say the last one is my favorite of them all.. I think.. Peace.


fadetoblack said...

aw hope you feel better :)

Mo said...

sorry du är sjuk... :( hope you fill better soon !

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daisychain said...

I hope your throat feels better soon

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh darling I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick right now. I believe it's this weather; it's absolutely horrible - raining cats and dogs! Here's to hoping that your sore throat and the rain clear up soon!! :)

. said...

That's sucks that you're sick! i hate that. I love your "california" header!! so smart! also love your photos, you have a great blog :D

ARANXA. said...

aww hun, hope you feel better!
btw i love black and white pics, you always have awesome pics

Vicky Andersen said...

Cannot believe all that rain... I wish for you, a lovely sunny weekend :) Fingers crossed and hope it helps!

BTW!!! Those photos are brilliant! Love the complete white background and those shadows on the bottom one! (-Did you add them yourself?)
Anyways... I think you three girls make a beautiful trio... Maybe you could start a band or something? ;)