January 25, 2010

Night blogging

Last pics from Universal Studios, when in LA Jan 1, 2010
Spana sista bilden- den är från när vi åkte "Krustyland" på Universal Studios (den va förövrig ascool. Det var som att leva i ett videospel ! Hur coolt är inte det ! Och till och med i ett Simpson video spel ! ). Iaf, bilden är ju den bästa av allt. Vi tre tjejer visste inte riktigt att dom tog kort, men Andy- som har åkt denna flera gånger var medveten- därav ser vi helt asarga ut och han lägger på värsta smilet ! Haha. Lätt årets bild :P
Idag vart det mest häng och second hand shopping. På kvällen började jag rensta mina kläder (eftersom min garderobs hängare gick sönder så måste ja ju ändå ta ut alla mina kläder, så ja tänkte att då är det ju lika bra att jag rensar lite.) Och det blev hela 5 kassar med kläder som ska ges bort.. och sen fortsatte jag städa mitt rum och rensa, och det gjorde ja mellan 8 på kvällen till nu, halv ett på natten. Yes. Victoria borde sovit tidigt istället, men ja, har ja börjat städa kan ja inte precis sluta liksom.... Jag som hade planerat att kolla på Star Wars Episode IV ikväll.. men ja får fortsätta den imon el ngt...
Iaf, nu blir det kudden. Tjingeling.

Look at the last picture, dude - it's from when we went on the "krustyland- rollercoaster" at Universal Studios (it was awesome.. like living in a Simpsons videogame ! How cool isn't that?!?!) Anyway, the picture rocks, cos we, girls, wasn't aware of that the picture was taken, but Andy did - therefor he puts on his biggest smile ever, and we just look super mad or something !! Haha. Easily the picture of the year :P
Today was chill, we just hung out at Peets and then went thriftshopping. And I started cleaning in the evening (don't know where I got that energy, but still...) and since my closet hanger-thingy broke I had to bring all my clothes out anyways, so I figured I'd just go through everything and see what I can give away and stuff.. so I did that which ended up being 5 bags of clothes.. Goodness... and then I continued cleaning my room from 8pm 'til 1.30 am. Good Victoria- you're not lacking sleep or anything, so it's good to clean instead of sleeping. Very good. Anyways, this needed to be done too soo.... And I was suppose to continue watching Star Wars Episode IV tonite, but I guess I'll do that tomorrow then...
Well, my pillow is waiting for me, so yeah Peace!


sparklegreen said...

I wish there were amusement parks nearby! I love Universal Studios, I always have fun there! It would be such a good place to go on a date!

I always ask myself, what is Victoria's next adventure? I love your blog.

English Rose ♥ said...

Universal studios looks like so much fun!

Jealous of your life yet again!

thanks so much for your wonderful comment - apologies for the ridiculously late reply!

Stay safe and chic darling,
English Rose x

Vicky Andersen said...

Oh I loved The Simpson's ride... Best simulator or what???! (I recall actually feeling slightly sick afterwards!... -I know I'm weak! :)
But that picture.... HAHAHA!!! Really shows how much you're all enjoying yourselves. So cool; and I agree "pic of the year". Hilarious really.

And the cleaning... I envy that energy! If I'm gonna keep up with you someday; I'm sure I'll at one point will go under and sleep for one week straight! Amazing really... And nice to get everything sorted out huh?!

Miss you mucho... and yes I know... Skype soon! Gotta figure out a good time. Sorry I never got around to writing you back this weekend! There's so much to follow up on... I need to not nap in the day...
Take care and have a lovely day <3 (Gotta sit and watch Onskan now... Great movie :)

Jeanette Lindvall - FOTOBLOGG said...

Härliga bilder ! =)

Ha det fint

Sara said...

Hej! tack så mycket! Jag trivs jättebra här än så länge :) längtar tills jag har skaffat mig lite vänner här bara!

heart charlie said...

This looks like so much fun!!! These photos are awesome :)

Mo said...

sometimes when you start it's better not to stop before you're done !

beautiful sunset pic !

Emy Augustus said...

Like the header! I met an au pair once.