March 18, 2014

Par- och cirkelträning

Sådär är exakt så jag känner! Jag är nytömd och nyladdad på energi efter dessa härliga dagar i skolan! 
Nu bär det hem och det är så shukt mkt som måste göras, många inlämningar och stort prov nästa gång. Let's do this!!!

I think today was probably the best school day ever (and to be honest every day in school is awesomeeee but this one was in particular!!). We ended the day today by doing couple/pair exercise and circuit training ! And right now I'm sitting on the bus all gross with sweat (since we were soo exhausted by the workouts but i didn't have time to shower afterwards haha). 
But yeah, I'm bringing some new energy home and I'm ready to start studying hardcore now! We have a lot of assignments to do and a huge test I need to prepare myself for!! Let's do this!

1 comment:

Kim said...

You will be great on the test!! Glad it was such a great class day!