September 18, 2009

Sorry, but I dont date guys that are 40 years older than me. I just don't. I think thats normal.

Okej ärligt. Jag tror jag ska sluta gå till my gym (skulle aldrig hände men ändå...). Men alltså seriöst, alla dessa äldre män som stöter på mig och vill gå ut på date med mig. Alltså helt ärligt- tror dom att ja vill gå ut med personer som är liksom trippla min ålder. Liksom står det i min panna typ "ja gillar medelålders----> pensionärer. Fråga gärna ut mig"?!?!?!
Idag bara va det en (av två....) som bara stannade mig och började snacka och snacka och snacka (helt plötsligt visste ja hela hans gymliv... don't ask) och sen när ja går in i bilen så stoppar han mig och ger mig 3 energibarer som han hade fått.... Liksom, vad gör man? Ler, tackar och tar emot? Ja, det gjorde ja, men liksom... och så ger han mig sitt visitkort och säger att ja ska ringa så han kan ta ut mig. Ärligt. Känns som ja kan göra en samling med alla visitkort... Jeeezz. Kul och stöta på alla dessa personer på gymmet i framtiden? Mmmmmm. Ne.

Okey, honestly. I think I should stop going to my gym (not gonna happen, but still..). But really, honestly, all these older men that are hitting on me and wants to go out on dates with me. Honestly (for the third time...) do they think that I want to go out with someone thats like three times my age? Is there a note on my forehead saying that "I like middleage ---> senior men. Feel free to ask me out" ?!?!
There was this one guy (well man) today that just stopped me and started talking and talking and talking (all of the sudden I knew everything about his gym-life, which gym he used to go to and blablaba) and when I later go to my car he stops me and gives me 3 energybars that he had- like examples- . I mean, what do you do? Smile, say thank you and takes them? Well thats what I did, but I mean.. ok.. and then he gives me his card and tells me to give him a call so that he can take me out.
Honestly (fourth time). I think I can make a collection al the cards I've been given...Jeeezzz.. So fun to bump into all these people when at the gym. Really fun! Mmmm... Noooo..


Valencia Lia said...

Girl,I know exactly how you feel man
I too have this problem :) I mean mine is not at the gym. But just random places.

There was this time I was at a wedding dinner awhile back,and the manager of the banquet called his staff to pass me his card with his personal number written down and to call him back . I was like WTH ?!!

So weird ! And he was like 30plus plus years old. Urghhhhh

Don't quite like when older guys start to hit on me. So funny :)

miriam said...

scary, det skulle jag inte heller göra...

Adela said...

i know what you mean! happnes to me ALL the time! don't let these weirods keep you away from the gym! join and all-girls workouts center like curves or something! good luck! =)

dapper kid said...

Oh dear, how insanely creepy! Although I totally would have taken the free energy bars anyways and than handed back the card lol. Hope you're having a wonderful friday :)

Mo said...

creeeeeeeeeeps alert !

but yeah for free food ;-)

Tess said...

HAHA, mysigt!

Anonymous said...