September 13, 2009

Before the show

People are starting to come...
Kajsa, Elin, Vicky & Sam <--- Gooood people
Okej. Slänger bara in lite bilder från innan konserten. Behöver jag ens säga hur sjukligt grymt det va? Ne, trodde inte det. Seriöst. Önskar jag kunde gå 10 gånger till haha. Sjuukt bra.

Okej, so I'm just posting some pix before the show started. Do I even have to say that the show was insanely good? Neh, didn't think so. No seriously, I wish I could re-live it like 10 times. Crazy good.


evelyn said...

is this the killers concert? how cool!!

Valencia Lia said...

Awesome Awesome !! And you look all gear up with your friends girl :)

Bet it was a SUPER concert <3 Ahhhhh

Big Daddy said...

Ah looks fun, im jealous girl!

hannahlizabeth said...

haha you look so excited! cute. looks like heaps of fun!


bloo. said...

haha how funny !

miriam said...

ser verkligen crazy good ut!

Patty Ann said...

gosh lucky
the killers
and the amphitheater is such a great place to watch them

dapper kid said...

Ahhh totally jealous! Loving your watch dear. Hope you're having a beautiful day.

nonsenseofthetruth said...

Oh my gosssh,
Lucky Victoria! :)