September 24, 2009

Long Time No See- I The Mighty

Hade helt glömt bort mina bilder från i söndags, då jag (först va på BBQ hos grannen. Trevligt, en massa folk..) drog med mig Vicky till Zen lounge (rätt coolt ställe) där I The Mighty (som ja inte sett sen sjukt länge.. eller a, juli iofs..) spelade. Grymma som vanligt- och jag pepper inför deras skivsläpp i januari.

I totally forgot my pictures from sunday when I (well first went to a BBQ at my neighbours. Nice nice, a lot of people..) brought Vicky to Zen Lounge (pretty cool place) where I The Mighty (havent seen them in soo long! or well, since july..) played. As awesome as always (wow - a tongue twister)- and I'm excited for their album release in january. Woo.


cherrycolla said...

i always said how much I like color your photos and it is the truth,do not want to repeat
you did not think that nothing else I can write :P

picture is a master of the disco ball ;]

I'm sorry for my English. kiss :) Monique

Anonymous said...

looks like an awesome time!