September 28, 2009

It's HOT as in TUB

I lördags var det en soft dag minsann. Dagen spenderades på beachen i Santa Cruz med Elin och Kajsa. Sen käka stark indisk mat (Victoria gillar STARKT, det gör inte mina kompisar hihi...). Sen vart det hem till Kajsa för att chilla i hennes Hot Tub. Life's kinda soft at times :P

Satruday was a chill day. I spent the the day in Santa Cruz with Elin and Kajsa. Then we had some indian food (Victoria likes it SPICY, my friends don't hihi..). Then chill at Kajsas house and relaxing in their Hot Tub. Yes, life's kinda soft at times :P


Valencia Lia said...

I too love love spicy food so much !!

Ohhhh and the hot tub is so relaxing and way way cool :)) Is the Hot tub behind your backyard where you live ?

miriam said...

ser skönt ut : )

yiqin; said...

OMG hot tub!! I wanttt.

cherrycolla said...

i lovveeeeeeee it:D

Mo said...

damn, seems so nice !!

guess where i was tonight !!!

watching ! lol my bf got free tickets.

Valencia Lia said...

Yeaaa,it would be way awesome if there was a hot tub just right outside your house !!

Way cool :)