September 04, 2009


Medans min tå fortfarande är blå från att ha tappat mitt lås på den häromdagen, så fick ja till en riktigt läskande röd färg på min smoothie jag gjorde idag (ja börjar bli proffs på detta nu haha). Mumsig hallonsmak vart det ! God? OJAAAA Mums ! :D Dessutom svettas jag nu förtiden av att göra.. ingenting.

While my toe is still blue from dropping my locker on it the other day, I managed to get a really nice red color on my smoothie today (I'm getting better and better at this haha). Yummie raspberryflavor (You would have loved it Mo ^^). It was extremely good. And oh btw, I'm like sweating nowadays from doing... well nothing....


Valencia Lia said...

Ohhh my,is that the inside of the smoothie ?? Love the color and the FLAVOR !!

Love any type of berries. Ohhh and is it because the weather is too warm due to wild fires ??

Saw it on the news .

Mo said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I was already drooling when i saw you mentionned me !!!! THANK YOU !! it looks just amazing !!

and..thank you for the cheering up message about Swedish I was this close to cancel everything !!! ;-)

Rand said...

am just hungery

linaa, said...

AWWW OMG your name is victoria, you dont know how cool that makes me think you are!
i like the translation bit i luahged, you are so cutee and so fun!!!

thesydneygirl said...

oh YUM! love the colour! hope your toe is okay! x

Frank&Rémy said...

svensk tjej som au pair i San Franc, NICE! Huur trivs du där då? o hur länge stannar du?

Var faktiskt där en hel del ifjol, pluggade i närheten