February 02, 2013

One does not simply walk after leg day

Sprang totalt en timma igår på gymmet och körde lite styrka på det ! Däckade typ 1h efter att jag kom hem på kvällen sen haha ! Awesome!
Idag blir det Vetlanda och häng med syrran hemma hos henne med lite film mys! 
Btw, jag vill göra denna tatuering !! (Snyggare så klart dock haha!)

I ran an hour at the gym last night and then some strength training afterwards ! I fell a sleep like an hour after I got home haha! Awesome !
Going to Vetlanda this afternoon to hang out with my sister at her place, watch some movies and stuff :)
Btw, I wanna make this sun/rainbow tattoo! (A lot nicer though and not my own drawing of course haha!)


Winnie said...

Oooh, what does your real tattoo say?

indie by heart said...


Oh that would be a great tattoo actually. Nice, happy & bright like you. :)

Indie by heart