January 10, 2013

(((Loong post))) MY STUFF!

Jag fick tillbaks så mycket grymma saker som jag handlade på mig i USA och jag kunde inte vara gladare! Varje klädesplagg har ett minne. Det är helt sjukt! 
T.ex den Jungle tröjan hade jag på mig första veckan när jag var hos min första värdfamilj i Lafayette, CA och jag gick en sväng downtown när en kvinna stannar mig och säger "My God what a wonderful sweater you're wearing! I love it, where did you buy it?!" Och jag svarade på en second hand affär i Sverige. Och hon var helt förbluffad! Haha! Det är SÅNT jag saknar från USA. Spontana, trevliga människor!
Min "Think of the critters before you litter" fick jag på Forever 21 butiken i San Francisco och hade den jämt när vi åkte till beachen. 
Min "I The Mighty" tröja köpte jag på en av de senare I The Mighty konserterna jag var på. Det är ett lokalt band från mitt område, och jag var på näst intill alla deras konserter. Dom är grymma!
Och tillslut min "All colors are beautiful"-tröja är en av mina absoluta favorittröjor EVER. Världens bästa budskap som jag lever efter. Åh. Alla borde ha en sån tröja. 
Peace out!

I got so much awesome stuff back from America that my friend Ulli sent to me, and I just couldn't be happier. Coz like, every piece of clothing has a memory attached to it. It's crazy!
For example, that "Jungle" sweater, I wore it the first week at my first host family in Lafayette, CA while I was walking downtown and this lady stops me and goes like "My God what a wonderful sweater you're wearing! I love it, where did you buy it?!" And I answered at a thrift store in Sweden and she was like astonished haha! THOSE are the kind of moments I miss from America. Spontanious, nice people!
The bag that says "Think of the critters before you litter" is from the huge Forever 21 store in San Francisco and I always brought it to the beach when we went there. 
The shirt that says "I The Mighty" I bought at a I The Mighty concert. They are an awesome band from the San Francisco area and I went to almost all their concerts after discovering them. 
And finally my "All colors are beautiful" t-shirt is my, by far, my favorite shirt. EVER! All I can say is: "Word" !  Everyone should have that kind of shirt, in my opinion!
Peace out!


indie by heart said...

Loads of cute colorful items ! ^^ I can relate to the "every piece of clothing has a memory attached to it". I have similar feelings about some of my stuff.

Thanks for visiting my blog ! x Stop by any time again to say hello. :)

Indie by heart

Melanie Likes said...

I love the colors. I basically want everything you got from America! I live here & I've never seen anything quite like what you have here! Cute blog, by the way! ;)



Love these stuffs!!! everything is so colorful and happy!!! a kiss, Francesca

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Paulina said...

Great stuffs ;) have a nice weekend!