May 04, 2010

Woah Can't Believe It's May

Victoria, Katharina & Nadine
Då va helgen över. Igen. Varför ska tiden gå så snabbt när man har roligt?
Fredagen spenderade vi i San Jose, bowlade och hängde. Och jag tappade INTE klotet när jag skulle köra. Notera- INTE........ Haha... wooppss !
Lördagen va fiiin. Vi hängde i parken, solade, spelade phase 10 och sen joinade även Jared och då vart det.... bowling. Igen haha. Vi ville ha lite revange (stavas det ens såå??? haha). Kloten var wayyy better på detta place.
Söndagen var det Santa Cruz som gällde. Underbart väder, och vi spelade mest volleyboll hela tiden. Det är livet det !
Nu är det en ny vecka igen och solen skiner som bara den! (oo, det rimmade märkte ja nu hahaha...). Underbart iaf!

Weekend is over. Again. Why does the time have to pass by sooo fast when you are having fun?
I spent my Friday in San Jose, with bowling and chilling at Denny's. I did NOT drop the ball when bowling. Note- I did NOT..... Haha.. woopps!
Saturday was niiiice. We chilled in the park, tanning, playing phase 10 and then Jared join in the evening for some.... bowling. Again haha. We wanted revenge. Plus the bowling balls where waaay better at this place. For me at least :P

Sunday was all about the beach! Santa Cruz beach , to be exact. Lovely weather and we spend most of the time by the water, playing volleyball. That's life!

And for noow.... new week is up, and I can't see a cloud as far as my eyes can reach- even if I try really hard! Haha. Victoria likes it :P


Neekoh said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I can't even remember the last time I went bowling. And you're right, the weekend did go by super fast. Faster than usual, I feel!

Live Love LA

Julls said...

You are always having so much fun ! :X

Mo said...

ha ha one day i wont even have to read the english translation anymore !

kirstyb said...

love this post looks like fun xxxx

Erica Leigh said...

ohh i love the photos! looks like so much fun. i haven't been bowling in forever, and now i want to go.

and you went to the beach too! lucky. i'm so happy it's getting warmer! :D

♥ erica

Anonymous said...

Super cute photos! Yes, I can't believe it's already May either- not sure what happened to March and April!