December 16, 2009

Sankta Lucia Skänk Mig En Tia

Om man följer ett recept ordagrant och det står att chokladen ska stelna, så ska den ju stelna tycker man. Men då undrar jag- om den nu inte stelnar, va är det för fel då???
Ja måste va den sämsta bagaren i modern tid. Ärligt, ja tog det lättaste receptet som jag kunde hitta, men ändå stelnar inte min "kakor" som det står att dom skulle göra. Hmpf.
Idag blir det säng tidigt. Här är bilderna från Lucian i söndags med !

If you follow a recipe word-to-word and it says that the chocolate is suppose to become hard, you suppose that it will do that, right. But my question is- if it does not harden, what is then wrong?
I may be the worst baker in modern time. Seriously, I took the most easy recipe I could find, but still my "cookies" does not become hard, like it said they would. Hmpf.
Anyways, bed is calling (early today). Here are the pictures from the Lucia I went to on Sunday.


Vicky Andersen said...

So cozy... Wish I could have been there :)
Baking huh? Hmm.... Could you have used a special kind of chocolate maybe? That simply does not harden! (I think that must be it... Nothing to do with you for sure!) But hey... I like baking and LOVE to eat what comes out of it after!!! I think we should do that... Have like a monthly baking/cooking day... What do you say??? Perhaps a weekly one... (Daily even! Haha) I wouldn't mind :P

Mo said...

you found a St Lucia celebration in SF?? awesome !!
I had glögg and heart shaped cinamon cookies that i broke in 3 pieces ;-) i saw a santa lucia with wax in her hair and it really traumatized me ;-)

And about cooking skills, i m just like you. if my friend wouldn't be cooking dinner right now i'ld be eating cereals !

Matilda said...

Din blogg är det enda som håller mitt San Francisco behov uppdaterat. Dina bilder är fantastiska, som alltid :)
Uppskattar din blogg, om möjligt, ännu mer nu när jag sitter här hemma i Sverige och dagdrömmer om CA.

Dylana said...

Lovely pics!