December 14, 2009


Idag var ja, Kajsa o Johanna inne i SF för att kolla på ett Luciatåg. Ja va på ett förra året med, och det är ju nästan ett måste när man är här, det tycker jag minsann!
Så fint så fint var det, och vi har haft julmusik i bilen hela dagen, så i ärlighetens namn har det faktiskt vart en liten julig dag. Känns bra :) Och så kommer det förhoppningsvis också bli lite svenskt julfirande den 24 med svenskarna här.
Slänger in ett klipp på ett tåg- dock inte det jag var på :P

I went to San Francisco today with Kajsa & Johanna. Today, Dec 13th is the day when we- in Sweden- celebrate Lucia. There is always like a choir singing Christmas songs, they all wear white long gowns- the Lucia has a red ribbon around her waist, and mostly the other people wear too, if not they have glitter. The Lucia walks first and always stands in the middle. She has candles in her hair, while the Lucia girl attendants are holding a candle each.
This is usually a big celebration in Sweden- practically every school has its own "Lucia Tåg" (which is the lead/train of all the people in white, singing) and there is always performances in churches on this particular day. It is always such a cozy atmosphere when they sing, and on this day you really feel that X-mas is getting closer.
I thought I'd post a video of a typical "Lucia Tåg". So to all of you who didn't know anything about it- at least now you are a bit updated in that area :)


dapper kid said...

Oh my, Lucia sounds absolutely wonderful. I went to a carol service last week and it definitely made me feel ready for Christmas :) Hope you're having a loooovely day.

cassandra noëlla said...

my california friend you must come to see railroad earth at the fillmore on the 27th !! i will be there and it will be a glorious show. go go ! san fran is the place to beee