December 06, 2009

Bye Elin

Imorgon åker Elin hem. Hem till Sverige :( Sjukt himla bajs tråkigt. :(
God Natt

Elin is going back home tom
orrow. To Sweden :( So insanely sad :(
Good Night.


Valencia Lia said...

I do hope she's come back soon too! you both look so lovely :)

Sara said...

sv: Åh tack så himla mycket! Det känns extra kul att höra det från dig, du själv som tar så hiiimla fina kort!

daisychain said...

so sad,
gorgeous photo

Julls said...

you too look so happy in the picture !

Emelie said...

Eller hur !!! :D Sushi är fantastiskt gott!

Hoppas du har det suuuuper i Kalifornien :D


Anonymous said...

oh, so sad, just try to be happy for the wonderfull moments you probably had together :). Take care! xoxo

Nana said...

looks like you too really are good friends
hope she'll come back to you some day^^

Vicky Andersen said...

Regarding your question... No you did not miss anything... (Nothing important at least!) I'll probably write something someday though... Have to get my act together as usual!
And the tea bag situation! OMG Hahahaha... what an "unlucky" or what you'd say... meaning to that sentence! Eww... haha!

Anyways... what I really meant to say was something like this: Dear friend. Hope you're ok! I really feel for you... I can see how much fun you and Elin had! So sorry that she left! And now... Christmastime and everything! I KNOW you will be alright... You're strong! And someone new will probably come along very soon :)
Have a great week dear! Know I think of you :)
Big hugs from me

V. said...

we are really pretty in this picture !

never been in california but it looks so greaaaat !!

Have a good week-