December 11, 2009

The Day Before Friday

Idag fick jag lite långledigt. Jag behövde inte köra killen till skolan (inte för att det på ngt sätt är ngt jobbigt, det tar typ 10 min fram-o-tillbaks, men iaf ^^). Sen när ja skulle hämta honom fixade han en playdate till halv 7. Tjohej, thats ok. Då var jag lite aktiv och gjorde lite ärenden och åkte även till Foothill college och snackade med den snubben som kan allt om Visum och sånt där inför i höst. Sen var jag lite flitig och gjorde lite med mina bilder till mitt fotoalbum (som jag btw är sjukt onöjd med och vill bara göra om alltihop- men ORKA liksom ?!)
Gosh, denna vecka (start från söndag) har jag jobbat kväll (seeeeeeeent) varje dag. Hej kul. Inte för att det är "jobbigt" eller ngt, men ibland (ibland, ibland) vill man kanske göra ngt på en kväll i veckan. Oh well, what can you do.

I got a lot of off time today. I didn't have to drive the kid to school (not that that is something I mind, since it takes like 10 min back-n-forth, but still ^^). Then when I was picking him up from school he got himself a playdate 'til 6.30. Well, alright hehe. So I was kinda out n about doing some errands and I also went to Foothill College and talked to the guy that knows everything about Visa- status and stuff and how I should proceed from here until fall. Then I was also a little bit productive and did some stuff with my picture and photo album (which I'm so unhappy with btw, and I just want to redo everything, but man, like I have the energy for that?!).
This week I've worked late every night (from Sunday). Tiring hehe. Not that it's "hard" work or anything, but it would be fun to do something at least on of the weeknights. Oh well, what can you do hehe.


Valencia Lia said...

you always look so stunning !! heeee and awww,thanks so much for your kind words <3

Julls said...

:> yep,life can be busy and intense.That's why I can wait for my Winter Holiday !

Mo said...

quick Swedish culture related question : what should i do on Santa Lucia weekend? ;-)
(appart from eating those Lucia's cat cookies :-) )

Winnie said...

Love the hair accessory! How long have you been an au pair now? My friend is an au pair in Milan at the moment and I think she will stay out there for a long time!

nonsenseofthetruth said...

Love the picture and the green flower in your hair is very cute :)