October 13, 2009

Pismo Beach on Saturday

Desi, Andy and Josiah (the guys whom we stayed with)Elin
Värsta fina stranden liksom. Världens mjukaste och goaste sand. Det påminde litegranna om Santa Monica Pier. Sweet, yes.

Awesome beach. The worldst softest sand. It all reminded me a lot of Santa Moniva Pier too. Sweet, yes.


Valencia Lia said...

Stunning photos once again ! Wooooo,is the sand there really so so soft ?!!

I wanna go toooo <3 <3and all of you must have had a blast there :)


e.l. said...

So pretty! Looks like an amazing time. Love all the music groups you mentioned in your profile.

Zandra said...

åh vad mysigt!!!