October 14, 2009

My Weekend In San Luis Obispo... more pix ya

It looked kinda funny with the "Flat footwear should be worn on pier"- sign. I'm thinking.. hm, some girl most have worn high heels and tripped real bad so they decided to put this sign up... What do ya think? hehe


Maverick Malone said...

Cute photos!!

I love that first one :)

Lady Stardust said...

cool pics
thanks for your comment :)



C.Chico said...

haha that footwear sign is pretty funny

cherrycolla said...

i love this place, ; )

kiss ;]

Valencia Lia said...

Really do hope everything works well for you and you still get to study here !!! heeee

And flat footwear rule is so funny ! Love love your top and those huge sunnies !

Loving lovely and I wanna go to the beach sooonnnn <3

yiqin; said...

Your weekend looks so fun :D

Nana said...

looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! :)