October 15, 2009

1, 2, 3 JUMP

Desi and Andy likes to jump ! So it seems. :D


Julls said...

This photos makes me think.. "where is my summer ?"

Aoife said...

Your title is really cool.
These photos are great to, does remind you of summer!
Just getting started so would appreciate some help/feedback.

Nana said...

looks like lots and lots of fun!
summer my love
now it's winter:D

Nana said...

well not really buu:))
but it's cold
and...i like summer better anyway:D

KATIA said...

These photos made me smile :) Very cute!

Valencia Lia said...

These photos are all so so beautiful !!

I always love love to jump out of swings tooo :)

Anonymous said...

The last picture is adorable! ^^ seems like you had fun ;)