October 08, 2009

Let's go to the city today toooooo

Amie (who's back in Australia now) and Elin
Traffic jam in San Francisco
Elin is cute..
Ehm. I'm not mohaha.
I söndags for jag och Elin in till San Fran (yes, ja var där fre, lö, sön denna helg). Planen va att hänga i Dolores Park, men det vart lite secondhand shopping i Haight Ashbury istället hehe.
Sen mötte vi upp med Amie, D och Elin E för en sista gång innan Amie far härifrån. Vi käkade lite och chillade.
På hemvägen var jag och Elin fast i trafiken i SF i lite mer än 1½h. Jättekul tyckte Elin att det var. Och ja var ledsen. Typ. hehe.
Hem kom vi iaf och vidare att möta upp Kajsa o Johanna och bio. Trötta i huvudet var vi nog alla, och filmen var väl kanske inte den mest innehållsrika. Vi såg "The invention of Lying".

Me and Elin went to SF on sunday (yes, I was in the city fri, sat and sun this weekend hehe). The plan was to chill in Dolores Park, but we ended up thrift shopping in Haight Ashbury instead.
Later on we met up with Amie, D and Elin E for a last time with Amie before she left. Vi had some dinner and chilled.
On the way home we were stuck in traffic jam in SF for like 1½h. Elin thought it was So Much Fun. And me, well I was just sad. Apperantly. Hehe.
Well, we did get home and then we hit the movies with Kajsa and Johanna. Everyone was kinda tired, and well the movie wasn't all that action filled. We saw "The invention of lying".


Valencia Lia said...

Adorable photos once again ! Candid shots :))

And I love love thrift shopping a whole lot !! And getting stuck in the jam for almost 2hours ?!! What,that's a really long time !

And I heard about the invention of lying movie. Is it good ??I think it came out here not long only<3 <3

cherrycolla said...

i love really love 1 photo. this colours. awesome!!!!:D hola:D

Julls said...

love the photos ! and,what did you bought from those trifting stores ? something intersting ?

cherrycolla said...

I took part in the competition, I was awarded .write about it in the newspaper.do us a photo .yeaaah :D

Valencia Lia said...

Re:Ohhhh that movie was okay ?? hahaha I check it out online then. heeeeee

Say me some money at the movies. <3 <3

Clara said...

love the second picture.
loooks fun day.

cassandra noëlla said...

what! come to sf the 17th! i'll be there !