October 05, 2009

BW as in Busy Weekend

Okej, dessa bilder är från förra söndagen då vi va och spanade in killarna i Dizzy Balloon. Lika grymma som vanligt.
Denna helg har vart rätt busy och har spenderats med fina människor, men nu är ja så trött så ja håller på och slockna, och upp i ottan ska ja med. Nästan iaf. Så ja, tänkte bara att ja kunde lägga in dessa för det har ja ju glömt göra. hehe.

Okey, so these pix are from last weekend actually when I went to Berkeley to see Dizzy Balloon play. As awesome as always.
This weekend has been busy busy and I've spent it with great people, but now I'm extremely tired and I'm soon dropping my head on the computer, and I'm also going up like so early in the morning too. So well, just thought I'd post these pix cause I totally forgot about those hehe.


Julls said...

lovely photos.i guess you had so much fun !

hugs !

Valencia Lia said...

Amazing how the photos turn out :)

I want to go to a concert like that too,must have been an awesome time:))

miriam said...

love these photos - ljuset är helt magiskt ju!

Clara said...

cool pics.
thanks for coment in my blog.

Nana said...

great photos!
did you have fun?:D

Valencia Lia said...

Re:Awww man,I must go to a concert soon then.Its been ages since I last went:(

And yeaaa,I really love my dog !

cassandra noëlla said...

when was your birthday? how old did you turn?
& yes neutral milk hotel is great my favorite song of theirs is namoi & king of carrot flowers pt1. LOVE.

and i live near south lake tahoe in northern california. where are you located?

cassandra noëlla said...

thank you - what kind of camera do you have? i love my nikon , its a dream . haha

oh happy birthday last week ! i just turned 21 , it feels goooood. my cat was named namoi and she was killed so i cry everytime i hear the song. its hard to listen to but i love it. and aeroplane over the sea is good i agree. do you have a last.fm?

oh tahoe is beautiful year round , i will take many photographs so you can see it and believe me and then you can come anytime. its busy in the summer tho. so many tourists haha.
San Jose is close by .. its like 3 hours from me about.

cassandra noëlla said...

& what language are you writing in?