August 27, 2009

2, 3, 8, 9, & 10

Woho ja hittade Vänner säsong 3 för $6 igår. $6 !!! Det är ju ingenting !! (43:- för er som inte kan dollar ;P). Lycka på hög nivå ;D
...och ja, ja la in nya headern... ja vet fortfarande inte... tycker det blir lite för ljust eller ngt.. haha..

Wohoo, I found Friends season 3 y-day for $6. $6 !! Thats nothing ! Happyness on high level ;D Yeyy ^^
.. and oh, I put up the new header... still not sure about it... I think its a little bit to light.. or something.. hehe..


dapper kid said...

Haha that last photo is amazing :) Wow, that was a total bargain!! And I am loving the new header. Hope you're having a wonderful week dear.

Mo said...


loving the new header !!!!

Winnie said...

Love friends and that lilac eyeshadow is lovely on you!

thesydneygirl said...

<3 your eyeshadow pretty girl! xxx

Valencia Lia said...

Friends always never fail to make me laugh !! heeee

Love your photos with the eyeshadow:) Always looking beautiful girl <3

Ohhh yes,I love the new header !! The color is just right and great :)