April 05, 2009

No reason


stellawantstodie said...


nice collage!!


nonsenseofthetruth said...

Oh that's nice :) how old are you then, that you're parents are coming to visit you? :D
This week I do a 'workshop' with my cousin; I'm going to learn a little bit Spanish and also photography, how to work with photoshop, how I can make better pics etc.. It starts tomorrow so I'm a little bit excited! =D
Ciao! x

Anonymous said...

you look very good, i must say.
and your style is so cool. i wish i was a bit more like you actually. you look so good and everything.. oh, i'm jealous dude.
and your blog is great to.
/ a swedish fan, from vetlanda. ;)

Victoria-H said...

Wow- tack så mkt, "swedish, vetlanda-fan" Hihi... Alltid roligt å höra :D
Verkligen- TACK :D

ninnie said...

ninnie undrar vem swedish fan kan va! vet du>? jag kan tänka mig Debbie ?? with the dude thingy, we say that a lot ^^

But swedish fan is so right!

Victoria-H said...

haha, ja Victoria undrar det med... hihi.. spännande.. ja, ja har verkligen ingen aning :P

Hanako66 said...

cute pics!