March 12, 2011

March 12, Always Victorias Day :P

Check out min nya dator ! Haha, jag införskaffade mig i ett "klistermärke" eller vad man nu kallar det... Jag var lite trött på min rosa haha. Inte för att den syns på många mer ställen än på mitt rum, i min säng- men iaf ! Den här var ju ascool! :P
Idag blev det en liten sväng på stan med Ninnie i pissvädret. Snöblandat regn tjohoo! Oh well. Sen blev det en sväng till gymmet för min del. Älskar att träna alltså ! Det är som terapi för mig typ. Awesome!
Nu sitter jag här nyduschad och ska väl kanske ta på mig ngt i form av kläder. Sen blir det la Melodifestivalen häng ikväll....?
Idag är det förövrigt min Namnsdag (värstaaaa viktiga grejjen så klart hahaha. Not.^^). Jag fick den här av min kära mor :) Love you!

Check out my new computer! Haha. I bought this "sticker thingy" or whatever it's called... I was a little tired of my pink computer so I thought I'd pimp it a little haha. Not that anyone sees it , like, ever, it's just in my room on my bed but still haha. I thought this one was super awesome! :P
Went downtown with Ninnie today and strolled around in the not-too-fun weather. Snow/Rainy woo! Oh well. Then I headed to the gym. Boy, do I love working out! It's like therapy for me. Awesome!
Now I'm sitting here, just got out of the shower and I think I'm gonna put on some clothes (not that I'm sitting here naked hahaha)... As for tonight I think the plan is to hang out with some friends and watch the Swedish Final of Eurovision...
Today is, btw, my "Name Day" (don't think it's a very common thing around the world haha)- Victorias Day. It's really nothing special at all, it's just that "you're supposed to say "Happy Name Day"" Kinda.. haha. My mom gave me this chocolate heart :) Love you!


Shannon said...

Happy Name Day!! haha

The computer looks awesome, very pimped!

Rand T said...

hahah wow really love the new pc sticker!!:)

Veronica said...

Cute blog girl!
Nice pic!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Nice post!;-)