March 15, 2011

America VS Sweden (Round 2)

Stolta Amerikanare VS…. Stolta Vikingar?
Ok, man kan inte göra en jämförelse med det Amerikanska folket och inte ta upp patriotism. Finns det något land som inte är stoltare än USA? Är du stolt över att du är svensk är du Sverigedemokrat eller Volvo raggare (haha, igen, detta är MIN syn).
Jag vet inte riktigt, den här frågan är lite... svår. Jag har aldrig riktigt ”tänkt på” att vara stolt över att vara Svensk. Det är liksom inget som jag växt upp med;, liksom ”Välkommen till Världen Victoria, var nu stolt över att du är svensk”. Njaaa. Jag skulle nog säga att Jantelagen kommer in som en rätt stor delaktighet till detta skulle jag tro haha.
I USA känns det som att varenda Amerikanare är lite av en patriot. Flaggan ligger varmt om hjärtat och det gör Frihetsgudinnan likaså. Jag måste ju kanske nämna att de två ländernas historior är lite olika. Sverige har ju inte riktigt någon dramatisk krigshistoria om att ta över delar av Sverige från andra länder etc medan USAs historia och USAs ”skapelse” är rätt så magnifik och det var mycket kämpande osv. Så ja, det ligger nog lite mer inbyggt i deras historia om att vara stolt att vara en Amerikanare ”som kämpade för att sitt land och om självständighet”.

Så, vad tycker jag om detta; Som sagt, eftersom jag är så ovan att vara så stolt over sitt land (och tänker mer att “ska vi alla inte bara vara stolta over att vara människor och inte vart man kommer ifrån” ) så kan jag känna att den stolthet som Amerikanarna har till sitt land är rätt fin och rätt cool och på ett sätt kan jag känna att det skulle vara fint om Sverige kanske var lite mer så. Å andra sidan kan jag känna att USA många gånger tycker att dom är lite för bäst på allt dom gör och har och göra med haha. Som jag skrev innan kan jag nog känna att kanske människan mest ska vara stolt över att vara ”människa”?. Jag vet inte. Kommentera gärna så jag får höra eran synpunkt :)

Proud Americans VS ….. Proud Vikings?
Ok. You can’t make comparisons with Americans and not bring up patriotism. Is there even a country prouder than America? If you’re proud to be a Swede, that’s like being a racist or a “Volvo Raggare” (probably makes no sense to anyone of you haha, but I had to write it , and I don’t feel like explaining it haha ^^) (And again- this is MY opinion/s...)
I don’t really know… this topic is a little…. hard. I've never really “considered” being proud to be Swedish. It’s not like that when you are born you hear “Welcome to the World, Victoria. Now, go ahead and be a Proud Swede”. Naaah. I think that the Scandinavian “Jantelagen” (English : Jante Law) is involved a lot here. For you who don’t know what the Jante Law is, let me explain it briefly: “Jantelagen” is an unwritten “law” which contains 10 rules that, in different ways, tells you “Don’t think you’re better than someone else” or “that you’re better than us”.
It’s a stupid thing, really. But that’s pretty much how we grow up, I guess. Lame, I think. In some ways.
In The US, I feel like every American soul is a patriot to some extent. Their flag is close to the heart and so is the Statue of Liberty. Maybe I should bring up the fact that the two countries histories are a little different. America’s history and “The Making of America” is sliiightly more magnificent and dramatic than Sweden’s. So yeah, I guess it’s normal and in their blood to be a “Proud American who fought for their country and independence”.

So now, what do I think of all this; Like I said, since I’m so unused to being proud of your country …. (and rather think that “can’t we just all be proud of being humans and what one can achieve, other than being proud of where you’re from and what country you live in..” ).. I can still feel, though, that Americans patriotism is kind of neat and cool, and that it’d be quite nice if Sweden were the same (maybe not completely...?).
On the other hand, I feel that the US often think they are the best at everything they do and has to do with (... and they need to realize they're not!! Haha JK). And like I wrote, also, I think, perhaps, one should just be proud of being human and being themselves…? I don’t know.

~~Please leave comments and your own opinion and point of views (weather you’re a Swede, an American, or from anywhere else.~~


Em [The Writer] said...

Hahah I found your blog and just wanted to say you like all the best movies+ music. Love your blog too!

As for which is better I don't know. I've always wanted to go to Sweden. I'm American and I can honestly say we aren't the best country but we are trying to improve. It's funny though because everyone I know dreams of traveling and living far away in different countries. I don't know any die hard Americans :p I guess everything evens out in the end right?

Nana said...

that is a very interesting duscussion! We don't have that kind of patriotism in Brazil either (maybe because there is not a lot to be proud of haha!), but I think it would be nice to be patriotic! But also appreciate ourselves as just us :)
tjank you for you comment XD

big J said...

You're crazy victoria, Americans obviously ARE the best at everything! ;)

and we don't speak swenglish :PP hahaha

And there are much prouder countries than the U.S. TRUST ME lol. Try calling an austrian a german (ulli was pretty tame) and british people as well! super crazy about their countries.

Victoria said...

Hahahha jared, jared, jared. I think you'd be more upset than ulli if I were to call you....say.. Brittish ?hahaha. Now would you like that hmmmmm ;) haha.

and swenglish sounds awesome, hello! Hahaha
and fine, im gonna let you keep on believing youre the best... Dont wanna make you all sad lolll :P

Leia said...

In my opinion, no country is 'better' than another. We are all human beings, we are all one species, one kind... I don't even understand how to compare one country to another and I don't know how people can feel patriotic towards one place because humans are the same everywhere. We all feel love and sorrow... so 'pride' for a country is an unknown feeling to me!

Sher said...

Personally, I don't think any country is better than the other necessarily. And I want to visit both these countries so much:)


michelle_ said...

i agree with sher.. every country has their plus and minuses :)

blorange dice said...

haha you are so funny. i can see good things (and bad things) about both. if you think americans are bad... you should meet texans!:p

chaoskontrolowany said...

Nice post;-)

yiqin; said...

Both have pros and cons :P

Katharina said...

try being patriotic as a German.... when we wave our flag during worldcup games causes german media to freak out and they criticize people for being too patriotic...