June 04, 2010

Those Days In The Park....

Dagen efter Nadines Bday party hängde vi i parken och åt (well, typ..haha) tårtan som va till festen... kanske inte den godaste man smakat haha.. men men...
Idag fick jag alla mina papper från skolan ja ska börja i höst, så nu kan ja boka en tid till ambassaden så ja kan få mitt nya visum, när ja är hemma i sommar... Nice !
Igårkväll såg jag Shrek 4. Haha, den va rolig den tycker jag!
Bästa konversationen va lätt mellan Åsnan och Mästerkatten:
Åsnan: "You are a CATastrophe"
M.K: "And you are reDONKEYlous"
Och så är dom tysta ett tag.... och sen börjar dom gabflabba !! haha, lätt bäst!

The day after Nadines Bday party we went to the park and ate the cake ,that was suppose to be eaten at the party... not the best cake I've had.... hmmm.. haha.. oh well :P
I got all my papers from the school today- the school I'm starting in the fall... So now I can book an appointment at the embassy in Sweden so I can get my new Visa... Nice !
We watched Shrek 4 last night.. So funny haha.
Best conversation was easily between Donkey and Puss in boots:
Donkey: "You are a CATastrophe"
PiB: "And you are reDONKEYlous !"
and then quite.... and then they crack up ! hilarious !! haha


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Oh yum, that cake looks delicious. I love how you look like you're having such an amazing time in all your posts :)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

Happy belated birthday to your friend, and I love every single shot!
Seems so fun, and the park is sooo green. Hope I could find a place like that in here xD

anyway can i link u? :)

LiaWp@Barbie Junk

glasruta said...

gud så mysigt det ser ut! :)

Heather said...

cute cake!! I cant wait to have a picnic in California!

Audrey Allure said...

What a beautiful day at the park, love how the sun is shining!

beckyxoxo said...

That cake is so lovely ! Haha . Love all of the photos , so summery ! And I haven't watched Shrek ;)

UnoCosa said...

so awesome!!! xx