June 23, 2010

Farewell dinner... but not really...

Check out the biggest dog ever !! I must admit tho, it doesn't look all that gigantic in the picture, but man you should have seen it in Real Life- it was humongous ! Soo cool ! Zuupp?
Bildena är från helgen, då vi hängde på Da flea market....
Igårkväll tog min värdmamma ut mig och mina buddies på middag. Jag tog med mig Nadine och Jared. Och oj oj oj det var så trevligt så! Jag har verkligen bästa värdfamiljen ever !
Efter det vart det så klart bowling för dom 3 vännerna och Jerry... woops menar ju de 2 vännerna och Jared. Tsss ;) Och guuuuuuuuud va dålig jag var eller! Vet inte vad som hände ! Men men, så äre ibland. (nu fick jag lust att kolla på de 3 vännerna och Jerry bara för det! haha..)
Och buhu, vart det riktiga hejdået (for now...) till Nadine, för hon åker iväg idag. Ses i Augusti dock!!
Ja, dagarna trappar ner. Nu äre 5 dagar kvar. 5!!!

Pix are from the weekend, when we went to Da Flea market....
Last night, my hostmom took me and my friends out for dinner. I brought Nadine and Jared. And indeed we had a good time ! I really have the best hostfamily ever !
After that we, of course, went bowling.. well that goes only for the 3 Friends ... and Jerry... woops, I mean the 2 Friends... and Jared ! Tsss ;) But duuuude, I sucked !! Like big time ! Don't know what was wrong with me! (now I feel like watching the 3 friends.. and jerry! haha)
And boohoo, I had to say the real bye (for now) to Nadine as well, since she's leaving today. See ya in August tho!
Now it's only 5 more days. 5!!!


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

That sucks that you'll be leaning soon, but you'll have tons of memories to bring back with you.

Love your photos.

Julls said...

wow,that dog is huge !

Laura Tenshi said...

Wow, that dog really is big. Your hat is great.
Such fun pictures, especially the first picture.You and your friends look lovely

Laura Tenshi said...
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Lia Waroka Putri said...

Love the smiles on the 1st pic! And yesss the dog is sooo big! I'd run away.. Im scared of real dogs, hehehe xp


beckyxoxo said...

Super lovely photos ! And yes that dog looks big ! Ouch 5 days .

rebecca said...

I love your hat! Is it bigger than the dog? :p


Nana said...

thank you dear
looks like you had fun