June 18, 2010

I Do

Look at them, my two bridesmaids, aren't they just beautiful ? :)
Liten inblick från bröllopet som höll hus förra helgen. Som ni ser var jag ju väldigt vanlig med mitt hår haha.. lite boring, men vad ska man göra när man har som jobb att göra de andra fina ;)
Iaf. Omg, igår åkte jag upp till SF för att få mitt provisoriska pass. För det första så tog det mig tusan nästan 2½ timmar att komma fram ! Det va såå mkt traffik. Och självklart valde jag fel motorväg. Bleh på det. Tack och lov för musik säger jag bara.
Iaf, väl framme inne i city så skulle jag leta parkering (garage), och jag ville ju inte ha det dyraste av alla, så jag körde runt i typ en halvtimma för att hitta det "billigaste" stället. Samtidigt som jag gör det tar batteriet i min gps slut. Yey. Lyckat. Jag vet knappt var stället jag ska till ligger, och jag virrar fortfarande runt och letar garage. Smooth, Victoria. Efter mkt frustration tar jag bara första bästa (ne inte ens bästa) garage för jag vill bara gå och få mitt pass och åka hem.
Jag springer (yes, inte gå, utan här sprang vi genom SFs gator i ballerina skor) runt och hoppas hitta rätt gata och nummer. Jag tror jag gjorde alla stressade businessmen ännu mer stressade haha.
Iaf, på ngt vis lyckades jag hitta placet utan gps, karta eller ngt. Yey till mig!
Väl inne fyllde jag i alla papper, sen frågade hon om jag hade med mig 2 foton. öööm, nej? Jag hade med mig ett, för jag tänkte det kan ju va bra att ha, men ingen hade sagt till mig att man skulle ha med sig 2. Bleeh, så ja fick springa ner igen och springa till en affär och ta bilder (yey, mer pengar slös där), och upp igen, ge fotona och sen skulle ja betala. Men "nej, vi tar tyvärr inte kort"..... R u kidding? Så jag fick springa ner igen och ut till en bank för att ta ut pengar. Upp igen, och tillslut fick jag mitt pass. Och så va det ju det här med var mitt park.garage var ngnstans. Haha... Jag visste var det var, om jag skulle ta samma väg tillbaks som jag gjorde dit Men jag ville ju skynda mig tillbaks så mkt som möjligt, för man betalar per 15min i garaget, så här gäller det att snåla med tid. Och då tänker den mindre smarta delen av mitt huvud att ne , vi tar en genväg. There is no such thing !! Virrade bort mig ännu mer, men ja, tillslut hittade jag det som tur var. Inte nog med det, parkering kostade mig himla $18!!! Ännu mer pengar slös. Yippie. Vid detta laget var jag himla assur samtidigt som jag var glad att jag var påväg hem. Suck, vilken morgon/förmiddag. Dock fick jag tankarna på annat med froyo häng på eftermiddagen och bowling på kvällen. Victoria vann btw ;D

A small glimpse of the wedding from last weekend. As you can see my hair is very... um.. normal haha... Oh well, what can you do when you got a job to make everyone else pretty. And look at them, weren't they soo pretty?
Anyways. Omg, yesterday I drove up to SF to get my temporary passport. First of all, it took me almost 2½h just to get there coz of the awful traffic. I def choose the wrong freeway. Thank goodness for music tho.
Once I finally came to the city I wanted to find a parking garage- and I wanted to get the most inexpensive one, obviously, so I drove around for like 30min to find something cheap. Impossible. At the same time my gps ran out of battery. Big Fail! And I don't even know where the place that I'm going to is located exactly! Smooth Victoria. After a lot of frustration I just take the first best (not even best) garage I can find at the moment coz all I want is to just go get my passport and go home.
I ran (yes, literally ran through the streets of San Francisco in my ballerinas....) around in hope to find the right street and number. I think I made all the stressed out businessmen even more stressed by cutting in between them haha. Sorry.
In some magical way I managed to find the building I was going to, without gps or a map or anything. Yey to me!
Once there, I start filling out all the papers and such, and then she asks me if I brought two passport pictures. Umm... no?? No one told me too! I did bring one, just in case, it's always good to have, but no one told me to bring two! Gahh. So I had to run down to a store and take some pictures (yey, waste more money- how fun!) and then I ran back up and handed them to her. Then I was gonna pay, but "No, I'm sorry we don't take card". R u kidding me? *sigh* So I ran down, once again, and went to the bank to get cash. Up again and then I got my passport.
And here, next problem- where is my car located? I would know the exact way if I had taken the same way as I did to the building, but I wanted to save time- coz I had to pay per 15min in that stupid garage- so I decided to take a shortcut! This was the least smart part of my brain thinking, btw. There is no such thing as a shortcut! Got lost, but then finally I found it. Phew. I had to pay freaking $18 for that parking! This is exactly the way I LOVE spending my money! Yippie.
At the same time as I was super pissed about everything at this point, I was also really happy that I was on my way back now. Man, what an awful morning. Good thing I got my mind on something else with some afternoon fro-yo and then bowling in the evening. I believe Victoria won btw ! ;D


Vicky said...
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Vicky said...
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Vicky said...
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Vicky said...

My bejesus this new mac is sometimes quite stupid! Well... internet-wise! Sometimes it's real fast (YAY!) But then... every time I wanna post a comment; -like on here, FB etc.; I can't tell whether it posts it or not! And it's not like I can "genindlæse" (Don't have a better word at the moment...) on this particular site! So yes... I just posted the same comment 4 times in a row... Just in case you were wondering :P

Vicky said...

And now that I'm at it... I didn't even get to say how I adore all these wedding pics! LOVELY :) And how awesome to be participating in a real live American wedding huh?! (Well I'm probably a bit lame, but I think it's real awesome :)
How 'bout you get married within the next couple of years...? -then I might have a chance to participate in one as well! (Yes I have no shame... I just invited myself to be at your future wedding :D )

Victoria said...

Thanks haha !! Well, what else can I say but you are more than welcome to come to my future wedding ! mohaha... :D

Danielle said...

These pictures are so gorgeous! Looks like an amazing day.

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Looks like such a fun wedding. Love the colour of the bridesmaid dresses.

libys11 said...

aaahhh i always enjoy looking at wedding videos and photos.. everyone seems so sincerely happy and i love that about it! :D

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ARANXA. said...

:) im telling you I NEED TO GO TO A WEDDING! haha this pictures are so beautiful..all happy and in love CUTTEEE

Ancarol said...

a busy and rush day I know that ..... just want to say 'GOD' what wrong ! good lucky

michelle_ said...

seems like you had a great time at the wedding ! the pink dresses are pretty :)

thanks for your commentsss :) :) :)

Lia Waroka Putri said...
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Lia Waroka Putri said...

Seriously, ur blog brings smiles for me every time I read the posts! Gonna follow urs.. And yay for the pretty dresses <3


FashionJazz said...

Love your pictures and blog : )