October 27, 2012

First snow!

Ja, dagen är kommen. Eller var kommen. Igår. Igår kom den. Snön. Den där otäcka kalla vita snön. Fin om den bara ligger där, men för att det ska finnas snö måste det var minusgrader och DET, kära vänner, är INGET jag gillar! Jag får helt enkelt hålla ut nu och längta tills våren och sommaren 2013 haha.

The day finally came. Yesterday. The first snow. That awful white dust. Well it's nice looking if it's just there, but to be there it has to be below freezing and THAT IS, dear friends, something I DISLIKE a whole lot. I just have to long for spring and summer 2013 from now on to get through this fall and winter haha.


cherrycolla said...

oh noo, snow :P

Mseeyah said...

I think snow is pretty when it first falls; but I dislike driving in it or seeing it all mushy and dirty once it's been sitting there awhile. Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by my blog :)

livlovelaugh said...

omg! Snow already? NOT looking forward to snow weather... oy


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Today was the first really cold day where I live and I am not enjoying it!