September 04, 2010

Worst night in a looong time

Fy vilken natt jag hade. Sov typ ingenting ! Suck. Värdelös.
Iaf, åkte ut till Björköby med Ninnie och jobbade idag. Sålde godis och filmer för videobutiken vi jobbar i. Vart lite segt, hände inte jättemkt liksom haha. Snacka om att denna "marknad" var Småland på hög nivå. Haha. Så mysigt... tss...
Jag bjuder på en video som Ninnie tog av mig i somras när jag somnade i hennes soffa när vi kollade på film. Om jag kunde fått den sömnen inatt hade det ju vart kanon !

Bleh what an awful night. Barely slept one hour. Sighhh. How worthless.
Anyway, went to this small little... town (village??) along with Ninnie and worked a few hours at this - I don't even know what to call it- like a mini mini flea market. Sold candy and DVDs for the video store we're working at. Time passed by kinda slowly, I must say haha.
Here's a video Ninnie took of me in the summer (how sad is that for me to say.. "in the summer"... bohoo. Summer is officially over *I'm crying*)... anyways, I was sooo tired, and I fell asleep in her sofa while watching a movie (happened several times actually). I wish I had that sleep last night !


{ I V Y } said...

hehe <3

michelle_ said...

what a great video !

many thanks for the comments as always ..
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