September 28, 2010

Stockholm by Day and Night

I fredags åkte Ninnie och jag upp så vi var i Stockholm vid typ ett-tiden. Då var det bara att packa in väskorna i farmors hus, sen vidare in till stan där vi gick och shopppade lite. På kvällen vart det bio med Erica. Vi såg Dinner For Schmucks (sjuuuuukt asbra rolig film ! :D) Sen hängde vi lite på ett café. Myspys.

We arrived in Stockholm around 1pm on Friday. We mostly just unpacked our stuff and then went to the city for some shopping. At night we met up with our friend Erica, we went to the movies and watched Dinner For Schmucks (omg, awesomely hilarious movie :D). Then we hung out at a café the rest of the evening/night. Cozyy :)
På Lördagen åkte vi in till stan igen. Vi åkte först till Täby Centrum för att kolla på en modevisning där Gry Forsell var programledare och gästades av Musse Hasselval (sån skön snubbe !) och Frida Fahrman. Sen in till stan igen och strosade lite. På kvällen gick vi på ett "Tshirt of The Week Realease party", inte jättevillt kanske, men skoj hade vi :P

Saturday, same thing, went in to the City. Went to a mall first, where they had a fashion show, and some Swedish celebrities was there. At night we went to "Tshirt of The Week Release Party", not too wild haha, but we sure had a good time :P


michelle_ said...

seems like you had a total blast !
the graffiti walls are cool :)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

you guys really have cool styles! and anyway glad that u hv good time victoria ;)) barbiejunk

Winnie said...

Hope you guys are having fun! Stockholm looks amazing so far, love your photos.

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Jonathon Pedrozo said...

Hey victoria!
I so love this pics at the street of you! you and ur friend are sooo beautiful! (L)

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Nana said...

you guys are so cute! :)
thanks for the comment on my blog xx

Instant Flowers said...

I love the pictures :)
and it looks like your life is soooo cool :D

emily said...

nice pics!