February 18, 2010

This Day Kinda Just Passed

Den här dagen flög nästan bara bort känns det som. Helt plötsligt va klockan typ 5, man bara hoppp typ. Iaf, gjorde mest inget viktigt- hängde på Westfield Mall med Desi på kvällen och sen vart det fro-yo. Mumma.
Nu om 5 min ska ja åka och hämta min värdfamilj på flygplatsen, så imon blire jobb-jobb igen. Även på fredag, men sen är det ju helg igen, så det är lugnt :P
Tjohoo (and oh, bilderna är från Santa Cruz förra helgen...)

This day kinda just passed by like that. I donät even know what I did, but yea, in the afternoon I went to the Westfield Mall with Desi and then we also had some yummie fro-yo.
And now, in like 5 min I'll be heading to the airport to pick up my hostfamily, so back to work tomorrow and friday, but then it is already weekend again, so that's cool :P
Ciaoo (oh, and the pix are from Santa Cruz last weekend...)


Audrey Allure said...

when time seems to be flying by - those days are amazing :) beautiful pictures!

Vicky Andersen said...

I know all about days just passing by, not knowing what exactly happened... (Not sure I'm such a big fan of that really?!) Oh well...
Are the kids having winter break or something??? I don't remember that?! (I do know kids here are out of school this week or next, depending on where you live! But..?) Hmm...
Love the pics! You girls seem to have such good times and great fun :) And the weather looks absolutely gorgeous! Can't explain how much I wish I was right there now... (Btw! We have a snowstorm right this minute!!)
Miss you friend <3

betz said...

days like that happens to me too. but well, we just have to make the most out of it, right. fun pix!


kim said...

åh, tack, sådant blir jag så himla glad av att höra. fina bilder på din blogg också!