February 17, 2010

Santa Cruz Pelican

Det bidde Santa Cruz idag. Häng på pieren, beach och second hand shopping i downtown. Inte helt fel dag alltså :)
När ja kom hem upptäckte jag att typ 90% av mina bilder var på en pelikan vi hängde med på pieren haha. Ja lägger upp en video på det :P

Went to Santa Cruz today. Hung out on the pier, at the beach and then some thrift shopping in downtown. No complaints there :)
When I got home I realized 90% of all my pictures were on a pelican we chilled with on the pier haha. I'll add a video from that scenario too :P


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awesome pictures!! I love spending time at the beach too! xxoxoxo

Miriam said...

Tjusig pelikan! Enjoy Kalifornien!

Julls said...

Lovelyyy video !

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh Victoria I LOVE these pictures - that pelican is gorgeous!! :)

Sara said...

haha sött!

Vicky Andersen said...

That Giant bird is awesome!!! Oh my world I would be sooo scared to get anywhere close to it! Very brave I might add... (I mean her, who actually manages to stand almost right beside it!) WOW!!! Hahaha :D Cool indeed!