November 24, 2009

Monday, Oh such a B Monday

Måndag. Kära Måndag. Kunde du inte varit fylld med lite mer intressanta saker? Gu', du va så tråkig.
Ja, som sagt är ju ju typ halvledig (helledig??) denna vecka, och ja kan ju säga att den började på det mest tråkiga sättet ever. Ofta kan ja tycka att det är rätt skönt att vara själv och bara inte göra någonting. Men tusan va TRÅKIG denna dag har varit. Det enda intressanta va att hänga på ett cafe med min dator (inte alls lika skönt som det vanligtvis är) och gymma (så klart). Men iaf. Tråk är ordet. Nu ska ja nog gå och lägga mig med en film- antingen Exorsiten eller Donnie Darko (haha, hm, ja undrad vilket humör ja är på... sorlig ja är... haha).
Men ! Ja bjuder iaf på resten av bilderna från söndagen i Napa för ett tag sen....Peace.

Monday. Oh dear Monday. Why couldn't you have been filled with more exciting things? Boy, you were so boring.
Well yea, so I'm kinda off this week (really sort of, I guess there r some things I should do and stuff..) and I can say it started off with a boring, boring day. I often find it very nice doing nothing and just chill. But this day was just BORING. The only exciting thing that happened was going to a cafe with my computer (not at all as nice n relaxing as usual) and hitting the gym (obviously). But still. Boring is the word. I guess I'm off to bed with a movie- either The Exorcist or Donnie Darko (haha,hm I wonder what kind of mood I'm in... so sad haha..)
But ! I'm giving y'all the rest of my pix from Napa the other weekend. Peace.
((Just noticed that Desi ended up in many of the pictures haha...))


miriam (Björn Borg) said...

vingårdar är så fotogeniska : )

Mo said...

that 2nd pic is BEAUTIFUL !

talking about being bored...turns out im stuck at home for the rest of the week, im in quarantine because of the flu...

Nana said...

wish i could go there once
thank you so much for the warmfull cheers^^

JOWY said...


One Love,

Ellevictoire said...

i love your photography. so full of color and life :)

A and A said...

Victoria! Thank you for leaving such sweet comments on our blog (and for visiting us. We travel through napa frequently when we trip up North to Mendocino (where we were both raised). Love to see local fashionistas and support them while they do what they love.

xx from san francisco.
alex and amy

Winnie said...

You always look like you're having so much fun. I love your shots and I feel as if it's been far too long since I've commented on your blog!

The Lion & The Unicorn said...

beautiful photos.

especially your blog header photos, really cool!