November 12, 2009

Academy of Science, rest of the pix

Idag är det för övrigt Veterans Day här i USA så det är ingen skola, så vi har vart hemma hela dagen, Haft lite playdater så det har inte vart så jobbigt.... Rätt slapp dag vill ja nog säga :P

It's Veterans Day here in the states today. And that means no school, so we've been home all day and just had a playdate so it's been a quite chilled day :P


Valencia Lia said...

Woww,that's good that today is a holiday :) And to remember all the soldiers out there who has passed on.

I got that correct right ? heeee

And those fishy pictures ! Wowww,amazing and they look so beautiful up close<3

Nana said...

i love fish<3
and i love these photos^^

Fashion Cappuccino said...

It was nice to have a day off! I did nothing but eat and sleep all day! Love the photos! xoxoxoxo

Mo said...

i feel so dumb... for a sec i was like...oo how cool they have veterans day on the same day as we do in France....DUH.


June Paski said...

lovee the fish photos, I want go to there :)


ninniej said...

ÅH dit vill jag!!!
And the bridal shower Sounds do much fun!! :D

sara said...

gosh, dina bilder! Den sista bilden är awesome!