June 04, 2011

Long Weekend !!

Kör lite nattskrivning nu! Borde kanske sova då jag ska upp relativt tidigt imorgon för då drar Ninnie och jag till Öland för att spendera natten, och våran lediga dag, Nationaldagen ! :P
I Torsdags var jag ledig. Det var gött! Igår och idag jobbade jag. Ikväll spelade vi lite fotboll i värmen. Jag mot 5 killar haha. Lätt att mitt lag vann eller!
Sen grillade vi lite och kollade på film. Mycket fin lördagskväll! Nu är klockan 2.15 och jag borde verkliiiiiigen gå och lägga mig haha. Jag tror inte jag kommer kunna somna dock. Men men. Hoppas ni får en fin långhelg allihopa !
Night writing is what I'm doing now :P I really should go to bed though, since me and Ninnie are going up quite early to go to an island where my parents has an caravan/RV/whatever the accurate word is ^^ We're staying one night since we are both off on Monday, since it's the Swedish "National Day".
I was off on Thursday. That was nice :) Worked friday and today. And tonight we played some soccer in the heat. Me and 5 other guys. My team totally won!
Then we had a small BBQ and then watched a movie. Very nice Saturday night! Now it's 2.15am and I really shouuuuuld go to bed haha. I probably won't be able though. Oh well. Hope you will all have a good weekend!


Nana said...

what a great day! Mine consisted of going for a run, watching a Tim Burton short on Youtube (called Frankenweenie, you should watch it, it's awesome!) and studying XD

Em [The Writer] said...

That's so cool that you get to go Rv'ing tomorrow! Maybe I'll take off a day for Swedish National day too :)

By the way, you are an amazing photographer!

dimi said...

Happy national day! I hope you'll have a nice time! Kisses!

p.s. You missed your blog-award! Check my blog (a couple of posts back!). :)

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

These bubbles are so cool! So big!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

It sounds so fun! Congrats on the win :)