December 26, 2010

XmaX (Xtreme version of Xmas and way cooler)

Här är lite blandad kompott från julaftonen med familjen Holgersson/Oscarsson. Väldans trevligt må jag säga. Julbord (jag åt iofs min egna Victoria mat haha), Kalle kl 3 och tomtebesök. Sådär som det ska vara på julafton :)
Jag fick 4 nya klockor ! High Five ! :D (Plus att jag snart får mina andra typ 10 klockor hemskickade från USA i veckan haha) Jag lovar- jag kan ALDRIG få för många... sen fick jag lite annat smått och gott. Victoria är fint nöjd.
God Fortsättning alla julegrisar :)

Here's some pix-mix from our Christmas Eve with my sister and her family. We sure had a good time :) Christmas food (well to be honest I just ate my regular Victoria food haha), and at 3pm we always watch Donald Duck and some of Disneys short films ( I've only watched it 21 times now. Well if I watched it when I was a baby that is- and I suuure hope they put me in front of the TV at 3pm sharp back then! haha) and Santa came- of course :) All those things that makes a Swedish Christmas ideal :)
I got 4 new watches ! High Five ! :D (and ooh I'm soon getting my other watches, like 10 or so sent to me from the US this week haha). I promise- I can NEVER get too many of them :P ... then I got some other nice stuff. Victoria is very pleased with her first Swedish Christmas in two years :)
Have a nice week everyone :)


uli mayang said...

:D sweet picture. merry X'mas to u girl. wow you have big family :D

daisychain said...

gorgeous photos doll x

chaoskontrolowany said...

Cute pics:)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

wow merry belated xmas! really glad that you have a lovely christmas this year! wish u have a nice new year too dear ^___^

Becky Regina said...

Haha seems like a fun time with your family ! Merry Christmas to you ! :)

* Reena Rai * said...

Gorgeous pics, I hope you had a fab Christmas