August 07, 2011

There is more !

Oj Oj Oj. Victoria är t-r-ö-t-t. Typ sjukligt trött. Ont i magen har jag med. Men orka med att klaga? Nej det struntar vi i.
Istället lägger jag upp lite fler bilder från Emmabodafestivalen och funderar på att tvinga på mig att sova innan klockan 00.00 idag. Klockan är nu nämligen 21.45 och jag har inte legat i en säng såhär tidigt på evigheeeeeter ! Helt ärligt. Något känns skumt alltså haha.
Kan iaf säga att jag har haft en awesome helg med Sagan Om Ringen Race 3 dar i rad och häng! Jag gillar läget. GodNatt.

Oh man! Victoria is t-i-r-e-d. Like insanely tired. Stomach pain too on top of that. But ehhh I don't have the energy to complain! So let's leave it at that!
Instead, I thought I'd post some more pics from the music festival (there are even more coming) and I'm thinking about going to sleep before (!) 12am tonight. It's 9.45pm now and I have not been in a bed this early in ageeeeeees! I'm not kidding. Something is weird here haha.
At least I can say I had a great weekend with the Lord Of The Ring Race 3 days in a row !
Victoria likes. Good Night!
Breakfast outside the grocery store ^^
Emmaboda 4 life! :)
Skrillex! (he was freaking insane-awesome)
Haha we read horse magazines in the Big Beer Tent in-between shows bahaha!


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

The festival looks amazing! Thanks for sharing all these photos, they are making me very excited for the upcoming festivals here!

FashionJazz said...

My hair, its much shorter now : ) Happy Tuesday xx This looks like so much fun! Yes I cut

maggeygrace said...

I enjoy grocery store breakfasts and grocery store meals, too ;) Infinite possibilities! :)

Rand T said...

you look like youre having so much fun:D x

Winnie said...

Looks like you had so much fun at the festival! It's been the longest time since I've been to one!

Bonnie (Versus Clyde) said...

I'm back ! I don't know if you remember me !

See Yooooooou

(I love Toy Story tooooooo)